coding a bit at a time

Techno Tween

Just playing around with some effects in ActionScript 3. Check it out here.

Asciify Video

Just figured out how to asciify the video stream from a web camera. Check it out here.


A GrooveShark wrapper application that hides the ads. Read more or download it.

Weather Widget

Swap which weather display will show it's five day forecast by clicking on the circle in the upper left-hand corner or set the postal code/internation location ID by clicking the button in the botton right-hand corner.

You can also install this widget on your desktop. Just click on download, then click on the "Download Now Weather Widget" image.


Click the image below to play the web version.

 click to play

Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to rotate the ship, the UP ARROW for thrusters, the SPACEBAR to shoot, and DOWN ARROW to start a new game when you run out of spaceships is over. Press ANY KEY to regenerate the ship after it explodes. If nothing happens, click inside the page to gain focus to the flash application and begin playing.

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Skinning - one is a hypertext link the other is button.

Demonstrating the skinning of links and buttons: non-skinned link
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