Below are some applications that you can download for free. I’ve written these applications to demonstrate some of my software development skills. All downloads are free, easy to install, and use very little space on your computer. You can download at work, in your study at home or on your laptop using mobile broadband. Enjoy downloading!

More application and code examples can be found under projects. The key to good software development is flexibility and low maintenance. I try to write application that can be deployed on multiple platforms and devices, trying to only use a single codebase. This will help keep maintenance to a minimum and cost low. The principal I strive to follow is: write once and reuse many times.

TopFin v2 (Windows only) - GrooveShark without Ads.
TopFin v2.0
Extract files to a folder on your hard drive and run TopFin.exe.
Weather Channel Widget
GrooveShark, without the Shark Ads., without the Ads.